ITEM Description
Pole SS or GI is used for High Durability & Long Life
Solar Panel A Brand Quality Mono-Crystalline or Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel is used with High Efficiency & Long life
LED Light High Lumens LED with Maximum Efficiency with Dimming Capabilities is Used which Last for more than 50,000 Working Hours
Charge Controller High Efficient Charge Controller is used to Control the Charging of the Battery which ensures Maximum Uptime.
Dusk to Dawn Controller Dusk to Dawn Controller is used with Microprocessor Managed Algorithms which determined Sunrise & Sunset
Battery Deep Discharged Batteries are used to Store the Energy, Provide Energy for Immediate Requirement & Enables Back up for Days

Solar Street Light Document


  1. Eco Friendly – 100% Powered by the Sun
  2. Easy to Install
  3. Very Less Maintenance Required
  4. No Monthly Electricity Bills
  5. Battery Back-up for Cloudy or Rainy Days
  6. Charge Controller Controls Charging to prolong Battery Service Life
  7. Long life Solar Panel which can generate Electricity for more than 25 Years
  8. LED Light without Flickering & Instant On.
  9. LED Light design can be customised
  10. Battery Back Up available with 1 Day


  1. Street Lighting
  2. Gated Community Lighting
  3. Jogging Track Lighting
  4. Farm Lighting
  5. Pole Lighting
  6. Gate Lighting
  7. Fence Lighting
  8. Ramp Lighting
  9. Yard Lighting
  10. Pole Lighting
  11. Garden Lighting
  12. Parking Lighting