home-imgZEEMRAH ENERGY, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, was established in the year 2013 in order to provide value added solutions with a clear focus on quality and endeavour to be a long term partnership in all aspects of our clients. We believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. Therefore right from the beginning, the company is focused on the principle of building and implementing innovative quality products that drive progress of our clients and enhance lives through enterprise solutions.

We recognise the importance of Consumption of Energy and the Abundance of natural power resources available on our Planet earth. Since the technology used wasn’t complex and service was important we came into the business.

At present Company is into Manufacturing, Sales & Service of LED Lightings under the Brand Name Imagine LED for all Applications like Indoor, Outdoor, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and many more…. ZEEMRAH ENERGY is also a System Integrator for Solar Power Plant (On-Grid & Off-Grid), Solar Street Light, Solar Water Heater, Solar Water Pump and Solar Air Condition.

Customer and Client satisfaction is our Foremost Aim. Our happiness lies in their satisfaction and their Goodwill is our concern.

About LED

ImagineThanks to the Innovation in Science and Technology which has given Millions of Innovative Products in the field of LED Lightings.

The Research and Development on LED Lightings is Entering an exciting new era in the Future Marketing, Creating more Possibilities and Opportunities around the Globe. The Manufactures around the world predict the Price of LED to come down by 10% or more by the next few years.

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About Solar

aboutSolar Energy is the Energy Produced by the Sun. The mixture of Ultra Violet Radiations (Light) and Infra-Red Radiations (Heat), are the Visible Spectrum which comes from the Sun to the Earth in the form of Electro Magnetic Radiations, which is also known as Solar Radiations. This Energy from the Sun which is in the form of Solar Radiations helps us to produce the Solar Electricity on the Earth.

The Earth is at 96 Million Miles away from the Sun. Therefore the Heat produced at the Sun is 3.1*1024 Photons, in which Earth receives only 1.7*1014 Photons (i.e.) 4.5 to 7 KW/M2 is the Energy received on the Earth from the Sun. In INDIA we get only 5.5 KW/M2 (on an average annually)
i.e. 1000W/ M2….

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